Monday, August 9, 2010

Weekend Update

So it was a busy weekend of painting. I finished up my Long Fang Pack Leaders. I really like these guys mainly because I think I'm being clever with their backpacks. I like the skulls on top of the backpacks, they have a couple of wires and a augmetic eye. I am calling them the signum for the units. I don't care if the signum doesn't do anything anymore, I think it looks nifty! Plus this makes them look unique rather than just random dudes with bolt pistol and chain sword. I don't really expect to be taking anything other than a BP and CS as I expect my Long Fangs to be in the backfield raining missile-y death from range, and if someone outflanks into them, they are probably dead before they get to shoot.

And speaking of missile-y death, here is my first squad of 5 Long Fang missile launchers!

And here is my second squad (yeah its a little small at the time, but I'm out of missile launchers!) I like this guy because he is one of the old metal Long Fangs. He's a cool mini even if he is in metal.

Next I have some of my power weapon troopers. The two on the left will become Blood Claws and the two on the right will be be Grey Hunters. The guy on the far right is another old metal Space Wolf mini.

Lastly, we have a close-up of that metal mini. I just wanted to show off this dude's porn-stache. It's pretty awesome!

I still have two more power weapon guys, both are Grey hunters. One is another old metal model with an ax-head swap to a new ax-head from the SW box set. The second one has a power mace stolen from the Dark Angel sprue. I like it because it's different. I will probably get those two finished before the end of the week, and then start on my plasma pistol dudes.

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