Saturday, August 14, 2010

Slooooooooooooow Down!

Well I started back to work on Wednesday afternoon and boy, its weird how tired I can get with just two and a half days of work! Thankfully I got most of my painting I wanted to get done before Wednesday and I was able to finish up the rest this morning. I anticipate a huge slow down once school starts, but once I get my teaching legs back, I hope to speed up again.

Anywho, here are the two Grey Hunters with power weapons I got done. I really like the fact that I have a power mace. It came off of the Dark Angles sprue, and I think its pretty unique. I already had a compliment on it, unpainted, at the Kill Team battle a couple of weeks ago.

Not much to say about this other set of grey hunters. This will be one one of the Razorback Squad. I had them mostly painted before I went back to work and I really just had to the guns, and backpacks. I used metal shoulder pads on both shoulders for these guys, and I really like the right shoulder pad, I think it turned out well.

As I anticipate next week to be brutal (and the kids don't even come back until the following week, which should be brutal-er) I am going to set a relatively simple goal. A Rune Priest, and possibly another Long Fang missile launcher. I kept the Rune Priest pretty stock, I plan on making the next one using the tutorial on the Space Wolves blog. I got him from a friend (thanks Tom), and I didn't have a right arm weapon for him so I did a bit of churgery and put a plasma pistol from the SW sprue on him. I figure that if he is in runic armor, there is a 1/36 of killing himself with the plasma, and really, how often is he going to be shooting this gun if he is packing living lightning?

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