Sunday, August 1, 2010

War Games Con Weekend Wrap Up

So I took part in War Games Con's first working sessions and I had such a blast I don't even know where to begin!

I didn't play in the "couples" tournament because a) I'm a pussy and b) once I heard that Dave Taylor was doing a number of workshops I had a nerdgasm!

I walked around the hall quite a few times and it was very busy. There was the 40k and WHFB couples tournament a well as Flames of War and Warmachine Tournaments on the first day and then the WHFB and 40k singles tournaments on Saturday and Sunday along with three narrative Appoc battles.

So I spent most of the first day in Dave Taylor's seminars. Let me tell you, not only is he a totally down to earth dude but, as if you didn't know already, he knows his shit. The first hour was how to use green stuff. Not only did the give us a full thing of green stuff to take with us, but they also gave us a sculpting tool and tweezers. So after two hours I made a dreadnaught-sized purity seal, a lop-sided laurel for Captain Gianthead, and a beginning understanding of how to make cloaks, loin cloths and gems.

The second session was painting theory for painting an entire army. We did color theory and Dave's suggestions on what you should try to paint an entire army to whatever standard you are looking to paint. One of my favorite things about Dave Taylor is that his view on painting armies is "do whatever what you need to paint the army as fast as possible to the standard you want." he is not the guy that puts 15 layers onto the nose of a gretchen.

The third session was kind of a mixed bag. It started out as the opposite of the previous session, painting a showcase model. This is where you CAN paint the 15 layers on that gretchen's nose. The second part of the session was talking about general modeling such as using plastcard, bondo, 14 different ways to do rivets and much more. We got to see most of his Blood Pact army, the Horus model he made for Bushido Redpanda and the Leman Russ (the primarch) he is making for another client.

Another thing that I thought was cool was Romeo from Battlefoam was in my sessions and I got to talk to him for a while. On the last episode of 40K Radio, he's was talking about how people don't think he's a gamer and doesn't hobby. Well, let me tell you, he is and he does. This guy knows his shit and he is passionate about all things miniature war gaming.

The second day I took over 250 photos and got a couple of games in. I spent quite a long time taking pictures of the painting competition, and let me tell you there was was very nice stuff there!

I returned the third day and got a quick game in but I was pretty beat and left early.

The only thing I was a bit disappointed in was the lack of alternate games going on while the singles tournaments were going on. Last year they had Space Hulk going on and I was hoping there might be some demo games for Blood Bowl or Battlefleet Gothic or something.

Aside from that, it was a very nice weekend. I got to spend some time talking to JWolf, BigRed, Goatboy, Bushido Redpanda and Darkwinn.

Maybe I'll have to talk to the guys and see if I can help out next year!

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