Saturday, July 31, 2010

War Games Con 2010 Rules Quiz

So here is the 40K rules quiz they gave out this year at War Games Con, enjoy!

1) How many models must a 12-man unit of Chaos Space marines lose in one shooting phase in order to be required to take a morale test?

2) How close can a unit Scout towards an enemy unit?

3) Frag Grenades have what strength against vehicles?

4) A Leman Russ Battle Tank moves forward just over 8" to strike an Ork Battlewagon in the side. What is the strength of the Russ' ram against the Battlewagon?

5) An immobilized Space Marine Dreadnought, armed with the stock layout, has how many attacks in close combat?

6) What is the coherency distance for a War Walker squadron?

7) What is the coherency distance for an Attack Bike squadron?

8) What dice rolls normally result in Perils of the Warp?

9) Give three conditions that normally prevent regrouping.

10) The minimum cost of an Imperial Guard Infantry Platoon is how many points?

11) What are the name, strength and AP of the missiles fired by a Whirlwind?

12) A Wolf Lord armed with a Thunderhammer and Stormshield with the Saga of the Warrior Born destroys a Guardian squad, ending the enemy assault phase with 12 attacks. In his next turn, he charges a squad of warwalkers, inflicting 4 penetrating hits, 3 glancing hits, and 2 undamaging hits. How many attacks does the Wolf Lord get in the next round of close combat?

13) Without using psychic powers or near any friendly model, what is Mephiston's initiative on the charge?

14) A Wyche Archite with Combat Drug Dispenser, Agonizer, and Splinter Pistol get at most how many attacks on the charge?

15) What is the effect of Eldar Runes of Warding on a Psyker 25" away from the Farseer with the Runes?

16) What is the cost of a Grey Knight Justicar with Meltabombs, Frag Grenades, Sacred Incense, a Nemesis Force Weapon and Storm Bolter?

17) List the name of each Ork HQ Special Character in order of points cost.

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