Sunday, July 18, 2010

Outfitting Wolf Guard

So Wolf Guard are an intricate part of any space wolf army. Or at the very least they are in my Space Wolf Army. Now Grey Hunters are great because they can take just about any type of war gear in the Space Wolf arsenal from Terminator Armor to combi weapons to power weapons, frost weapons, wolf claws and even thunder hammers with storm shields.

Now I don't tend to drop a lot of points into my Wolf Guard. Most of them get a power fist, and thats about it.

One of the things I really don't understand is that while, Grey Hunters carry bolters and bolt pistols standard, Wolf Guard carry only one or the other. So because most of my Wolf Guard will be toting power fists, I'm thinking I'll be slapping bolters on them. The bolt pistol won't add an extra attack in close combat, and the bolter adds an extra shot if you are out of charge range, or you are trying to draw a charge from the foes of the Emperor.

Guess its time to break out a knife and chop off some bolt pistols.


  1. Why stick with a bolter when you can pay 5 pts for a combi weapon?

  2. For my Wolf Guard in power armor with Power Fists, I almost always give them Combi-Weapons to match the special weapon the squad is carrying. For the few that don't have Power-Fists, I always try to give them melta bombs so they can take care of any vehicles they might meet by accident.

  3. Well that is an excellent suggestion. I go for the combi-weapon if I have the points left over.

    I'm really glad you guys said that actually. I have more PF equipped minis than Wolf Guards I would probably run, and I don't really want to give the regular Tac troops, one power fist attack after the first charge doesn't seem worth the 25 points I spend on the fist. I also didn't like the idea of ripping the arm off a dude to swap out the PF. This way I can make some up with bolters and some up with combi-weapons.

    I'll have to get to work on that!