Saturday, September 11, 2010

Next up on the bench, Iron Priest and Wulfen.

So two projects up on the workbench next. First is an Iron Priest with servitors. A while back my wife bought me the Techmarine with Servitors boxset. I have cut the heads off of the servitors and I have strapped on the wolf helm helmets from the Wolf Pack sprue. I have to adjust the heads a bit, because they look like they are staring at their feet, but I think they look pretty good.

I am looking at putting the Iron Priest together after reading a post on Space Wolf Grey. This guy is saying, get an Iron Prest, 3 servitors, and 4 cyberwolves. You have a majority toughness of 5, and when they attack, you get 3 thunder hammer attacks, and 4 power fist attacks, 6 attacks from the servitors, and 12 attacks from the cyber wolves all for a cost of 140 points. Drop Saga of the Iron Wolf and put these guys in a Land Raider, and you are going D3 extra inches and they assault out of it. Pretty nifty. I'll have to give it a try.

After that I am looking at finishing up my Wulfen. I was going to try to copy a conversion that was posted on The Space Wolves blog, except I couldn't find the old genestealers on ebay for a decent price. So I wanted something to give you that idea of rending attacks, so I chose to go with CSM chain axes. Added to that are the werewolf heads from Maxmini. I think they look pretty good. I need to get another couple chain axes to finish up a group of six wulfen I want to build.


  1. Hmm... well, I suppose I'm actually going to have to get my models to the paint table myself then.

  2. I see what you did there. Well, maybe by this weekend I can start.