Sunday, September 5, 2010

Review: Path of the Warrior

So this is a unusual book for The Black Library as it is from a xenos point of view, and they don't do that very often.

This book tells the tale of an eldar that, you guessed it, follows the path of the warrior. I enjoyed this book a lot, mainly because I learned a lot more about the background fluff of the eldar. I knew the basics, that they follow paths to keep their lives simple and basic, and to keep themselves from becoming too decident. We learn about a few of the paths other than the path of the warrior, the path of the sculpter, and my favorite, the path of the dreamer. If I were to be a dirty, dirty, space elf, I would totally follow the path of the dreamer.

While this book has a lot of background information, as to how a striking scorpion trains, and some very cool info about Exarchs, there was relatively little in the way of combat in a book about the path of the warrior. I guess what they are trying to say is that maybe there is more to being a warrior than just combat?

The book also felt rushed when it came to progression of the main character. This is a pretty beefy book for BL, but I wish they would have put a bit more into the main character.

All in all it was a very good read, much better than the last eldar book I read by G. S. Goto

I give it 4 purring chain swords out of 5.

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