Tuesday, June 12, 2012

T-9: Vehicles

Feels like I'm in the home stretch now. I've got all of my vehicles assembled and primed. I've just got to highlight them, do up the bits and pieces, and I'm home free for War Games Con.

So here we go with that I'll be rolling in. I've got two rhinos (one already highlighted here), a razorback (with the changeable grey roof at the moment), and a land raider crusader. 

The land raider was painted up for the first BoLScon, and now just is a bit out of date with my current paint style (I like to think I have a style).

Lastly, for anyone that is interested, here are the paints I currently use to paint my Space Wolves army. It is really quite shocking to me that I use so many paints on a regular basis for this army.

(EDIT: The green "paint" in the back row is not actually a paint, its liquid green stuff, so technically I'm only using 34 paints.)

Next time I'll should have a finished razorback.

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