Thursday, June 7, 2012

T-14: Look out Ichabod!

Well after a looong time (probably too long) I finally finished the arms to my terminators. Oh, and I attached them as well!

Without any further who-ha, here they are.

First up we have a Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield dude, a duel Wolf Claws dude, and a Combi-plasma/Power Weapon guy. 

Next up we have a Power Weapon/Storm Bolter guy, a Combi-Plasma/Power Fist guy, and another Thunder Hammer/Storm Shield dude.

And lastly, we have the Frost Blade/Storm Bolter, the Cyclone Missile Launcher for the Long Fangs that is toting a Power Weapon and Storm Bolter, and last but not least, the Chain Fist and Combi-plasma.

Just point out some of the details I like, I really like the back of this Thunder Hammer. It just looks pretty cool.

I wanted my Frost Blade to stand out from the rest of the power weapons, so I went with a doubled headed ax from the Thunder Wolf pack. I hope that will be enough to make this guy stand out.

I went into some of the extra bits from the Terminator pack and decided to spruce up the Cyclone missile launcher and make it more wolfie. First up I took a wolf skull and stuck it on.

Next up there was one of these "back plates" for lake of a better term. I cut the bottom off, filed down the back and stuck it on the side of the CML.

I think the green of the plate on the CML goes well with the green of the wolf on the ax hilt.

All I have left to do is the heads. How long could that take?

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