Thursday, June 21, 2012

Liftoff! Completed Army for War Games Con

So here we go. This is my army for War Games Con. I guess technically, the con starts today, but I don't think there are any events scheduled for today. I might take a drive down there and see what's going on this afternoon. I'll be sure to take my camera with me and take some pics.

First up are my HQ's. I have always liked the Rune Priests, so I thought I'd bring two. Each one has Runic Armor, a Runic Weapon and a Chooser of the Slain. One has a Bolt Pistol and the other has a Plasma Pistol. The Plasma Pistol dude has Jaws and Living Lightning while the other one has Living Lightning and Murderous Hurricane.

The Wolf Priest is pretty stock except for his Jump Pack.

Next up are my Wolf Guard Terminators with Arac. You can check out their load-out here.

Next are my Wolf Guard Pack Leaders. The power armor dudes all have Combi-Meltas and Power Fists. The Cyclone Missile Launcher dude will be going with the Long Fangs.

Here are my Wolf Scouts. They have a Melta and a Wolfen as well as their Pack Leader assigned to them.

Venerable Dreadnought #1 has an Assault Cannon and a DCCW.

Venerable Dread #2 has a Plasma Cannon and a DCCW.

Grey Hunter Pack #1 has a Wolf Standard, Melta, and Wulfen along with their Pack Leader and Rune Priest.

Pack #2 is exactly the same.

Pack #3 goes in the Razorback.

Here are my Skyclaws. They have a Plasma Gun, and a Wolf Priest.

Long Fang pack #1. I probably should have stuck the Termie in here.

Long Fang pack #2.

And last but not least is the motorcade.

I've got just about everything packed up and ready to go. I can't wait for Saturday!


  1. The army looks great, good luck for the con!

  2. Thats fantastic, amazing to see you bring together such an army in so little time. It looks brilliant too, really nicely done and everything ties together really well.

    Good luck at War Games Con.