Friday, June 8, 2012

T-13: On a Steeeeeek!

With the bodies finished, its time to get to work on the heads. The problem I'm having, though, is a) I don't want any repeat heads, and b) my Space Wolves don't wear helmets. Enter the Thunder Wolves heads.

Now for some reason, GW has styled the Thunder Wolf dudes like they did the scouts. They don't have the little ball and socket type joint with the head and torso. Instead the torso and head both flat. This causes a problem when putting them in the terminator bodies because I don't want a noticeable gap, and I don't want the heads to be sitting at a weird angle. 

Green stuff to the rescue.

All I did was put a little ball of green stuff on the heads to simulate the ball that most heads already come with. I'm eyeballing it at this point, and I can file/cut any off when the green stuff is try to make it fit in the head hole.

So here are all eight heads on their poles (this is why I had to finish the arms, I only have so many painting sticks) and ready to go.

And with the magic of the interwebs, the heads are now complete and will shortly be applied to the bodies.

Well it'll be Monday before you get to see them.


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