Tuesday, June 5, 2012

T-16: Terminators 3

So busy couple of days getting ready for War Games Con. I did a lot of work on my terminators. Pretty much the bodies are done. 

One of the things is painting the kneecaps on some of the models. I painted them Iyandan Yellow, and on all my other models I go over it in Sunburst Yellow. But I have always had such a hard time getting the Sunburst to go over with decent coverage. So this time I didn't worry about it and just left it with just the Iyandan. I may have to go back over all my minis and repaint the yellow. I think this muted yellow looks much better than the YELLOW of Sunburst Yellow.

I'm not sure if I want to repaint the head on my FW terminator. I guess we'll see.

Up next I hope to get the arms done, and have the arms glued on the bodies, and then I can start to work on all the heads. I'm feeling really good about getting everything done by the time of the con.

See you next time.

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