Friday, April 13, 2012

Weekend Paint Party: Part 2

So the other mini I slapped some paint on this past weekend was Huron Blackheart. I got the Finecast version of this guy because I couldn't find a reasonably priced metal model on eBay. Now at first I thought that this was a terrible Finecast screwup, but then I realized that Huron is just that jacked up!

I didn't really do a whole lot to Huron. I mainly worked on him, while the wash was drying on Arjac.

One of the things that I really didn't get until I started putting paint on this mini is just how jacked Huron and his armor are! I mean look at his leg here!

And his chest! I know taking a combimelta to the face can cause some scaring, you'd think the master of the Red Corsairs would at least have an artificer on call to take care of his armor!

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