Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Space Wolves Dreadnough: WiP 2

Spending all last week on Black Library has let me build up a bit of a back-log of painting updates, so we get back-to-back dreads.

Here is an updated pic of my weapons display. Of course, I switched the heavy bolter and the lascannon from the pick from yesterday, but oh well.

This guy is 99% done. I bought some runes from Secret Weapon Miniatures, and I have yet to put those on (yeah, I know I should have put them on before I painted, but that didn't happen), but this guy is pretty much done.

A front shot. I really wasn't too keen on painting on the wiring of the sarcophagus, but after I started, I couldn't help myself, and I think it came out really well. I also put some red details on the legs because they looked too plain, and I think thoe came out well.

Not really that pleased with the plasma glow, I really wanted it to be brighter. As it is, it kinda gets blended in to the rest of the blue of the Space Wolf scheme.

The Forge World close combat are is pretty cool. I added some red triangles, and some brass detail that I have incorporated into most of the arms.

Not too much to say about the heavy bolter. I like the look.

I think the back needs something but I'm not sure what at the moment.

Twin-linked autocannons and more brass highlights.

Twin-linked lascannon and missile launcher. I re-did the wolf pelts using the step-by-step from White Dwarf #386 (the one with the Thunderwolves in it). I'm not 100% sold, but it looks pretty good.

Now one of the things I liked back in the day was how Forge World mounted a stormbolter on the torso of their dreads, and for this one, I wanted to do the same, so I took a bone saw, and files to this guy and this is what I came up with.

For this side, I took a bit of a Hunter-Killer missile, and put it on the front of the torso to get it a sensor look. And now I have a completely unique dreadnought.

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  1. Yes... the runes should have gone on first. No big deal, you'll just have to paint over them now.
    As for the plasma, ever thought about giving it a green tint to make it stand out from the rest of the light blue?

    Ron, From the Warp