Thursday, April 19, 2012

There are No Wolves on Fenris Day 2: Green Stuff and Priming

So here is my attempt to use liquid green stuff for the first time one something other than just a crack here or there on a single model.

Last time we some some of the really large gaps in the Thunder Lord wolf (along with some odd "birth marks") and here are my attempts to fix them. I could probably use a couple more coats on the dimples, but I think they'll be fine. As for the gap itself, I think it will be hardly noticeable once the paint is on.

I just can't help thinking, why didn't the 'Evy Metal painter do something about the dimples when he painted his mini up. Am I missing something? Are they supposed to be some cybernetic thingy on the wolf? Odd.

Here are the leaping wolves. For all of the plastics, you have a huge line down the center of the head, and for most of them, another line where the tail meets the body. I'm not 100% sure why the plastic wolf head comes in 3 pieces, and the resin one comes in one piece. It is great for being able to have two different heads, but these models are a lot more labor intensive than most plastic models I've worked with.

I have got to say that working with the liquid green stuff is pretty great. GW knocked the ball out of the park with this stuff. I really didn't enjoying trying to do fine detail work with green stuff. It may have something to do with the four extra thumbs I have on each hand, but I digress. The gaps on the heads were pretty big, and it did take me a few coats to cover them completely, but by the time I was finished painting the LGS on the 6th wolf, the 1st wolf was dry (or at least dry enough for a second coat) and I could go back and work on it some more.

Up next is primer and basecoat!

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