Monday, April 2, 2012

Space Wolves Dreadnought: WiP 1

Have you ever seen one of those photos of warplanes or attack helicopters that have all of the available ordinance that the vehicle can use? Well here is my version of it. 

Once again I am updating my oft forgotten Tale of Four Dreadnoughts. Here we have an Assault on Black Reach dread that I got when I went in halfsies with a buddy.

Now way back when I bought this guy, the current Codex: Space Marines had just come out, and the Space Wolves Codex was nowhere on the horizon. In C:SM was a new type of dread, the Ironclad, and through some cheeky RaW, you could sorta say that my space pups could take an Ironclad, so I wanted to model one up. Hense the Leman Russ treads on the shoulder, I wanted to give it a beefed up armored appearance.

Another thing I did was to buy the Dark Angels bits from the plastic dread set, and put those on the back of the legs figuring that an Ironclad would have more protection on its vulnerable bits.

Another of my many weaknesses is my WYSIWYG streak. I really like to be able to model what I have, and so, I bought a plasma cannon, and a claw from Forge World

Oh, and did I mention a twin-linked heavy bolter?

And two sets of twin-linked autocannons? Yes, I know I have a disease!

Last up is one of my favorites, the twin-linked lascannon and the missile launcher. If you make this guy venerable, he becomes nigh impossible to kill!

More next time.

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