Monday, March 12, 2012

Space Wolves Servitors: WiP 2

You know, for the longest time, I really didn't want to paint these guys. I was unsure of the colors I wanted to use on them. I was afraid that I would paint their overalls in the same shade as my Space Wolf power armor, and that would look silly. I was a little apprehensive about painting the skin on these guys as I wanted them to look wasted and pale, almost dead (as servitors appear in my mind).

So for my first dilemma, I went back to a technique I used a couple of times in the past. I painting the base of the coveralls in Astronomicon Grey, and then washed it when Asurmen Blue. I think this gives the coveralls a denim look, and I think that looks good.

For the skin I chickened out and painted them "swarthy" as I painted my Space Wolves. The reason I'm going to use is that they are from Fenris, and perhaps failed aspirants so they are going to have the same completion as the Astartes.

Close up of the skin

Picture of the money-maker!

One of the things I like is painting the little details. I love these little lights I have painted on each of the backpacks.

One of the heavy bolter servitors.

I really like the cyborg arm one a couple of these guys. They did a great job of the transition and metal grafts on the arms.

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