Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Book Review: 25 for 25 part 2

All this week I am going over Black Library's celebration of the 25th anniversary of 40k, yesterday I went over the first five stories, today I will be doing the next five.

First up we have At Gaius Point by Aaron Dembski-Bowden. First printed in Legends of the Space Marines
(available from BL), this is a story of a Flesh Tearers squad that has had one of its battle brothers succumb to the black rage, and it is a very good tale of how far they will go to make sure that the truth of their curse does not get out.

Up next is Mistress Baeda's Gift which is in the Fear the Alien anthology (currently out of stock in paperback, but still available on ebook). This is the story of Malwrack, and Dark Eldar that is trying to win the hand of his lady fair, well not exactly like that. Lets just say that Dark Eldar courtship is... interesting. This is very good read.

The third story for today is Survivor by Steve Parker. This story comes from Hammer and Bolter issue 9, and it has got to be my pick for best story of the five today. This is a very cool story, and it has a very nifty unexpected twist at the end. I'll leave it at that.

Next up is The Heraclitus Effect by Grahm McNeill which comes from Planetkill (another one that is OOS in paperback but still available in ebook). This is one of the Iron Warriors short stories about the Warsmith Honsou and it gives us a glimps into what he is willing to do to get back at his favorite Ultramarine Uriel Ventris. Let me tell you, you don't want to piss Honsou off!

Last for today is Flesh by Chris Wraight. This one comes from Hammer and Bolter issue 7, and it is an Iron Hands story. While I don't think I liked this story 100%, I think it does an excellent job of giving you a glimps into what Space Marines (for the most part) are like, and where the interests of "humans" fall in their spectrum of "giving a crap".

Well that is it for today, tune in tomorrow for stories 11 - 15!

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