Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Hobby: How to keep your Dread from Falling Down on the Job

Thought I'd put a little tutorial together for today. A very basic one, but I was looking for something to post.

One of the most vulnerable joints on the Dreadnought is the ankle joint. I have dropped a plastic and (shudder) metal dread and they always break along the ankle. I've even had someone knock over a metal dread on the table top and break the ankle, so I'm going to set my Grey Knights Dreads up right!

Here are the tools we'll need. A base (resin works the best), superglue, the legs for a dread, a pin vice, I use a paperclip for a pin, and finally the feet of the dread.

Start by drilling some holes in the bottom of the legs of the dread. I usually drill them in the center of the "ankle" and usually straight up.

To gauge how far I've drilled I'll put my fingernail on the bit and...

When I pull it out I can see how deep the hole is.

Next up drill holes through the feet of the dread. We'll be putting the pins through the feet and into the base.

Cut (I forgot to mention that you'll need clippers to cut the paper clip) and clue pieces of paperclip into the legs of the dread.

After that dries, I did a dry-fit of where I wanted the feet. When I found a place I liked, pressed hard to score the resin base so I could tell where I needed to drill.

If you look inside the red circles you can see where I scored the resin base.

The reason I like to do this with a resin base is that they are solid, unlike the GW bases and it is easier to glue the pin into the base.

Here we are with the holes drilled into the base.

Dry-fitting the legs to check the length of the pins.

One final dry-fit with the feet to make sure everything looks good.

Final product. Glued into place.

Best part is 15 minutes later, I have all three ready to go!

Until next time!


  1. Nice step by step. Thanks for posting it!
    Ron, FTW

  2. Thanks, its not as complicated as a lot of the stuff out there, but baby steps. :)