Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Book Review: 25 for 25 part 3

Here we are again for another day and another five of "the best" from Black Library.

First up today we have Even Unto Death by Mike Lee. This story was first published in Bringers of Death. This is an awesome story, and that isn't just because it is a Space Wolf story (although that certainly doesn't hurt!). It tells the tale of Skaflock, a Wolf Guard in charge of a bunch of scouts on the world of Volturna. The Wolves are in town to clear out some Orks, but the sneaky Orks aren't making it easy. The Orks have ambushed the Wolf Lord and stolen his body! Well, the Wolves can't let that stand!

Next up we have The Carrion Anthem by David Annandale. This one is in Hammer and Bolter Issue 11, and it tell a story of how Typhus gets things done when he decides to take over a world! I don't think I have read anything by David Annandale before, but this story makes me want to read more! Very good story, very grim-dark ending!

Bitter end by Sarah Cawkwell was first in Hammer and Bolter Issue 12, and although I think the Silver Skulls are Ms. Cawkwell's babies, she needs to dump them and write full time for the Red Corsairs. She does such a good job in this story about Huron Blackheart, it makes me hope for an AD-B style trilogy a-la the night lords. Awesome!

Fourth today is On Mournful Wings by Simon Spurrier, and was first printed in 2003 in Crucible of War. Ica has been chosen. He has been chosen for something wonderful and terrible. He has been chosen because he is already dead. This is a great story that shows the diversity of the different space marine chapters, and showcases one chapter that you don't often hear too much about.

Last up for today is Ancient History by Andy Chambers. This story comes to us by way of Let the Galaxy Burn and takes us on the inside of the Imperial Navy and the inner workings of the "below decks". Nathan has been press-ganged into serving on the Retribution and this story takes us into a place rarely written about in 40k. A very good read and very fun.

Well that's it for today. Next we have 16-20.

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