Thursday, March 29, 2012

Book Review: 25 for 25 part 4

Part four of the five-part saga that is 25 for 25 continues today.

First up we have The Burning by Nick Kyme. This one comes from the 2010 BL Chapbook. I haven't been much of a fan of Nick Kyme's Salamanders, so I really didn't read through this one very thouroghly. Probably because this story takes place between Salamander and Fire Drake and I never finished Salamander.

The second story for today is A Good Man by Sandy Mitchell. This story was published in the Sabbat World's Anthology, and it tells a rather unique story of a non-war related tale that takes place on Verghast long after the Tanith have left. This tells the story of Zale Linder, a scribe, and what happens when he tries to look up a friend when he first lands on Verghast. This feels more like a detective story than a 40k story, and it is such a great change of pace!

Third today is Suffer Not the Unclean to Live by Gav Thorpe. This one was publish in Deathwing and in Let the Galaxy Burn. This one is a really good story of a member of the Eclisiarchy and his attempts to tend his flock of mutants. This is another one of those "don't see every day" type of 40k story, and it is really good. I can't recommend this one enough!

Orphans of the Kraken by Richard Williams was published in Legends of the Space Marines. This is a really cool story of the Scythes of the Emperor, another one of those seldom heard of chapters. This one is great because you get to see a chapter that is on the edge of oblivion. They have been forced to adopt very non-space marine tactics in order to survive, and this is a gripping story because of it!

Bloodline by James Swallow is the last story for today. This one was published in the Blood Angles: Second Omnibus, and also as a stand-alone story (currently out-of-stock). This one tells up what happens to the Brother-Sergeant Rafen after he injects Sanguinus' blood into his body (apparently not the best of ideas). This is a pretty cool story from the standpoint of background technical fluff, and also there are some cool time-space thingies (that's a technical term) that happen in the story that are cool!

Well one more day, and we are don with this mammoth 682-page book! I can't wait!

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