Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Lord with Jump Pack: Complete! (really)

I know that I have already claimed that my Chaos Space Marine Lord with Jump Pack was complete, but now he is super-complete! I really struggle to motivate myself to do the bases on my minis, and most of them are pretty lame (see any of my Space Wolves bases). 

I had a brainstorm when it came to my Red Corsiars (or at the very least the independent characters). I wanted them to be standing on a pile of skulls! How bad-ass is that?

I searched around for some resin bases that have skulls on them, and while some of them were good, I didn't really like them over-much. That led me to Secret Weapon Miniatures and their Sack o' Skulls

So here is full pic of the mini in all its glory!

And a close-up of the base. I painted everything in Khemri Brown and then washed everything with Devlin Mud. I went back and painted the high areas of the skulls with Bleached Bone and then washed the skulls with Gryphonne Sepia.

I think it looks pretty good.

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