Monday, March 28, 2011

Way to go GW...

So after an eternity (8 months) GW has released the first WHFB 8th edition army book Orcs & Goblins. I have, of course, heard a ton of good and bad about this army book.

One of the things that I heard first on Heelanhammer was how GW is screwing its customer base yet again.

Take the humble Orc Boy. In the past, you could buy an "Orc Warrior Regiment" that included 18 boys for about $35 (thanks to pdelair for the correction).

Just recently (as in the last couple of weeks) this has been replaced with the brand new Orc Boyz kit. With this kit you can build 10 boyz for $29.

Now some people may say, "GW is giving you almost half as many models for the same price". And they would be right. Now some people may say, "but these have got to be new models and with a ton of extras right?" And these people would be wrong. GW didn't redesign the Orc Boyz. They are the same sprues, but for almost twice as much.

Way to go GW.

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  1. The most recent price on the old box was actually $35 but the rest of your commentary is pretty spot on. Just glad I bought my 2nd box before this happened.