Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Podcasting: Podhammer

Back in November of 2009, I got bit by the Warhammer Fantasy Battle bug. I decided to build me a Dwarf army. That year all of my Christmas gifts were from GW and I must admit they were all pretty beardy. You can see some of the work I did here.

I set myself a goal. To paint an entire in five months. So I came home every night and painted for two to three hours. Now while I was painting, I liked to listen to something. Enter Podhammer.

I don't know what episode Jeff was on when I started listening to his show, but I went back to episode #1 with its awful audio quality and listened to them all. I was hooked. Even though I never really got into WHFB, I still listen. I love their battle reports. I love the aussie mind-set towards the game and raggin' on each other and it is just a blast to listen to. This podcast is so very very different from World's End radio. As Jeff says in the intro, they are, "rude, crude, and can't go five minutes without offending someone," and boy are they! Just as it is nice to have a, "clean" podcast to listen to, it is also nice to have a... what the opposite of clean? Well whatever it is, that's Podhammer. But for all the differences between Podhammer and World's End Radio, they are also very similar. They are all super competitive, but not over the top with it. They all want to win, but they all have a great time regardless of how the game turns out. They all seem to have as many, "remember that awesome time when..." moments in the games they lose as the ones they win, and I think that is one of the reasons it is so fun to listen to.

While Jeff himself is not the master of WHFB (not that he seems to be terrible) he always seems to have the big names in Australian Warhammer on his show.

It's sad, but the same problem that seems to be happening to World's End radio is happen to Podhammer. It seems as if WHFB 8th ed. has not been very well received. This is a bit sad because one of my favorite personalities, Dave "The Panzer" Palmer, seems to given up on 8th ed. and hasn't been on the show for quite a while. Jeff even went so far as to ask WHFB for a trial separation.

In the last few episodes, Jeff has spent most of the time talking about Warmachine and Hoards. This is good for him, but bad for me. He keeps tempting me. I may just have to go over and look at the Privateer Press website.

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