Wednesday, March 9, 2011

So Much for Grey Knights

So I have been getting bored with my Space Wolves lately. I'm not bored of playing them (althought I am tired of hearing how overpowered they are) but just painting them. I really haven't painted anything for them since December. Recently I bought the Forge World Space Wolf Dreadnaught and I haven't even finished putting it together yet. I just feel, "meh" about putting them together and painting them.

I was considering buying a Grey Knight army. I need something new, and I am a Power Armor fanboi at heart. But not now. The advanced orders went up today, and I have got to say I am not impressed. I just don't know how they could take, arguably the best power armor design in the game and F it up. The old GK power armor and terminators were awesome! The main thing I don't like about the new ones is that the Storm Bolters just look way too big. I know that they are probably keeping the scale of the "normal" storm bolters, but I don't care. They look dumb, even on the terminators.

Old Grey Knights

New Grey Knights

I tried. I really tried to like the Stormraven. But its just too goofy looking. I do like some of the work some people have done with it to make it look a bit better, but the stock version just looks dumb to me.

And then there is the Dreadknight. Hello? 1986 called, Aliens wants royalties. Also, is it me or does that Space Marine look like hes getting ready to ride the Goliath at Fiesta Texas?

Now all the of the whining aside, I gotta say, the one independent character they have slated for release looks pretty bad ass.

One thing that I do think is very cool is the GW web site. I sorta noticed this when the Blood Angles came out, but figured it out today. They have the same units painted differently depending on which army you are looking at. For example: A Ultramarine Land Raider. A Blood Angles Land Raider. A Grey Knights Land Raider. A Space Wolf Land Raider. Well that didn't quite work, but they have done it for things like the Storm Raven and the Venerable Dread.

So overall, a solid, "meh" from me.

Maybe Sisters of Battle will come out sooner rather than later.


  1. Sounds like you hit painting burnout to me, as state I expect to be in by the time my tourny list is completely painted. Happens to the best of us so hang in there and you'll be fine.

  2. Yeah, I expect that is what it is. Perhaps just burned out of Space Wolf grey.

    I've been looking at Warmachine...