Friday, March 4, 2011

Games Day: Hutto

The other weekend I had some friends over. We got together to watch Ultramarines: The Movie, and for me to introduce them to Warhammer 40,000. 

Most of them had some idea of what the game was about, but for a few it was their first glimpse of the grim darkness of the 41st millenium. We started out, as I said, watching the Ultramarines movie. Now I haven't posted anything about the movie (I got it for Christmas), and I am sad to say it's pretty bad.
Have you seen Clerks 2 (this link is is no way shape or form kid, work, or normal human being friendly)? I think Randall it the nail on the head for Ultramarines as well as LoTR. Its a movie about walking. I swear there is 75 minutes of walking and 15 minutes of action.

I'm not sure what everyone thought of the movie, I kept want to say, "OK it is going to get good right here," but I was afraid to.

Anywho, after the movie, we all got together to throw down a bit. We had some hawt Blood Angel on Ultramarine action on one table and some Space Wolves on Ork action on table two.

We were playing small, 500 point armies and it was funny to see the Marines running with about 21 guys (27 for Space Wolves) and the Orks charging on the board with 61. 

The marine game was funny. I kept telling the guys that they wanted to join their Captains to one of the tac-squads, but they thought it would be better to run them off by themselves. On turn three the ultramarine captain took a krak missile to the face and failed his storm shield roll. I felt bad for the UM player because the Blood Angel captain was getting into close combat range, but at fate would have it, he soaked up a full squad of tac-marines rapid firing on him, and we saw that a 3+/4++ save doesn't stop 28 bolter rounds.

On the other table, the Ork player managed to double charge a warboss and 60 orks into a single Grey Hunter squad. They counter-attacked, and killed a slew of Orks, but the combined nobs/Warboss attacks did them in. The Lonewolf charged in and took out half of one mob of boyz before he died due to weight of fire, but he did hold up one mob for four full rounds of combat. The Bloodclaws counter charged the full mob of boys and took them out the same turn as the Lonewolf died, but they were then charged by the almost completely intact mob of 30 boyz with the warboss. It was pretty ugly.

After the first round we played some Necrons vs. Imperial Guard. This was a slap-fest. The Guard killed a bunch with flashlights, then they got back up. The Necrons killed a few with Gauss flayers, they didn't get back up. The Necrons finally charged the Imperial Guard and it was just ugly until the second guard platoon counter-charged and killed enough Necrons just in time for the WBB rolls to go to poop and swept the Necron Lord. After that it was pretty much done. 

And the finally was me and a guy named JJ (the only two that had ever played before) playing Space Wolves vs. Blood Angles. The Wolves won the day due to the Long Fangs. Lets just say twenty-two wounds to a BA tac-squad puts the hurt on. 

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