Friday, March 25, 2011

Audio Book Review: Garro: Oath of Moment

Here is another of one Black Library's audio book. This one if set in the Horus Heresy story arch and it is called Garro: Oath of Moment. This book takes place right after the fourth Horus Heresy book, Flight of the Eisenstein and lets us in on the fate of Garro.

I didn't know the fluff behind this. I didn't know that Garro was a known figure in 40k fluff before I read Eisenstein and I found out much later that people who hadn't read the HH book, knew who he was. Garro is a unique person during the Heresy. As far as I know, he is one of the only space marines to go against his Primarch when he turned from the Emperor. Right there, you gotta respect this guy.

In this book, Malcador, the Sigillite sends Garro on a mission. He is to go throughout the galaxy and collect other space marines. In the book, we are not told the reason, but I guess most people that know the fluff of the universe know why. One of the really intriguing things the Sigillite tells him is that he is to recruit from both loyalist and rebel legions. I can't wait for the first time he tries to recruit a World Eater!

I think the audio of this book has really improved from the first two I've read. They do a good job of putting music and background sounds that add to the story, but do not distract the listener. The battle scenes sound intense, and the speeches are inspiring.

Toby Longworth, the guy that reads the book does a very good job with most of the voices. He makes them distinct, and there was only one of them that reminded me of one of the Space Wolves from Thunder From Fenris.

There are a couple things I didn't like. The biggest one in this book is the fact that Malcador sounds like the Emperor from Star Wars. I mean JUST FRIGGIN' LIKE HIM. I really couldn't get over it. I kept waiting for him to ask Garro to join the dark side.

And, as always, I a little off-put by the price. It is $17 to buy the CDs or $14 for an MP3 download of what is for all intent and purpose a short story. This one only lasts about 70 minutes. I hope that sometime in the future, the Black Library creates an omnibus with all of these in print. I'd buy that!

The story itself was very well done, and I give it four proto-Grey Knights out of five, but as I have said before, I'd probably give this two out of five if you factor in the cost. Borrow it from a friend like I did.

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