Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Scouts are finally finished (Really!)

I know that I have said in the past that my Wolf Scouts were complete, but that wasn't entirely true. The problem was that I only had 15 of them. My balance was off. Mainly because I only had one Plasma gunner. So I found an oooooold Wolf Scout on eBay, and I finally got him (screw you striking Canadian Postal workers!) a while back, and I have finally slapped some paint on him.

There he is. I think he turned out very well. Here he is with some buddies.

On the left, you have one of the other ooooooooooold Wolf Scout models, in the middle you have one of the just plain old Wolf Scout models, this one happens to be a Plasma gunner with a head swap, and on the right, the newest member of the team. One thing I always worry about when I paint units at different times is whether or not they look like they fit. My first time at the new guy, I used the wrong wash on his pants and had to go over them again, but in the end, I think they look pretty darn uniform.

See yas!

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