Monday, August 29, 2011

Rune Priest #4??? Now with Jump Pack!

Well I would never have the Sky Claws running around by themselves. They are Headstrong after all. So who better to lead them but a Rune Priest (or perhaps a Wolf Priest, or maybe even a Wolf Guard Battle Leader, but those are later posts).

So here goes Rune Priest #4.

I have again stolen the idea from the Space Wolf blog. The problem was that I only had the back from a Warriors of Chaos dude, and not the front. So I took a knife to it and cut out a spot I could stick a Space Wolf chest in. I think it looks pretty good.

I plan to paint the body before attaching the arms, but I have a little delema. As you may be able to see, there is quite a gap between the body and the right elbow. I am going to have to green-stuff the gap but I am a little worried about doing that on a painted mini (I will probably have the arms and force weapon painted before attachment) but I'm not to terribly worried about it.

I like the pose I got with this guy. He is really leaning forward to get into the fight before those young pups he is leading.

Another thing I like is the jet pack. I cut the wolf heads off of an old back pack and just popped them on the front of the jet pack. I think it gives the pack a bit of bling and will make him stand out even more.

Yet another thing I like about this model is the fact that the force weapon is held in both hands. This way if I chose to give the guy a plasma, supposing he isn't taking Living Lightning or Jaws, or any of the other shooting psychic attacks (it could happen!), I don't have to worry about him having a bolt pistol on the mini.

The last bit I like is the cloak on this guy. The origonal WoC cloak had two human skulls on that. Now while I don't think the Space Wolves are squimsih about taking those kind of trophies, I had these wolf skulls that I hadn't used any where else, and I thought they would look good instead, so the human skulls got the clippers and the knife, and the wolf skulls found a purpose.

I'll have to sit down and paint this guy up as I believe he will look really good when hes finished.

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