Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Wolf Guard Battle Leader: Now With Jump Pack! (WiP)

So for some reason, Sky Claws can't be lead by a Wolf Guard pack leader. When I first saw that in the Codex I thought it had to be a mistake. The Wolf Guard can take a jump pack as gear, and they can also be pack leaders for Swift Claw bike squads, so why not Sky Claws. Well here we are years later, and they've never addressed it in a FAQ, so I'm unhappy with GW about that.

So last time I had a Rune Priest leading the Sky Claws. This time, how about a Wolf Guard battle leader? As I've already stated many times before, I doubt I would use a Sky Claw unit in a regular game, so when it came time to pick a load-out for the WGBL I went with cool rather than practical.


And what is cooler than Wolverine with a jump pack?

As with the Rune Priest, I wanted to add the wolf-head jump pack (this is actually the same pack just tacked on with a small dab of glue) to make him stand out as well.

Side view. Just 'cause.


  1. That looks so cool - awesome work

  2. Thanks, I like the look of him just stalking towards you, ready to skewer you.