Friday, August 19, 2011

More Sky Claws (WiP)

So I got some bits in from eBay and I am able to put together some more Sky Claws.

I threw in a plasma pistol and a power fist just because. I don't know if I would field them in a regular game (if I even chose to add Sky Claws into a regular game), but these guys are "left overs" and I figure if I am playing Apoc I'll throw them in.

Here are the last couple. The guy in the middle, if you can't figure it out, will eventually have a plasma gun. Why not a melta? Easy, I don't have any more, I used them to make combi-meltas for my Wolf Guard pack leaders, and they are expensive on eBay, like $4.50 a piece, and I just don't think I'm going to drop that on a unit I will rarely if ever play, so I'll have one Sky Claw with a flamer and one with a plasma gun and that'll have to do.

I love this last model. The head comes from the Wolf Scouts, and as I used some WHFB heads, and some of the original Wold Scout heads, I have some extra. Now these ones can bit a bit of a pain to put on regular marines because they don't have a neck to stick in the hole in the chest of the model. What I have done is to chop up a bit of sprue and stick in in the hole and then put the head on top of that. This gave this guy a kind of cock-eyed look to him, but after I put the chain sword and bolt pistol on him, I thought he looked awesome. To me he seems to be saying, "oh no you didn't!" right before he plugs a bolt round right in your butt!

'Till next time!

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