Monday, February 27, 2012

Chaos Space Marine Lord: WiP 1

Well it appears I forgot to do a little write-up when this post originally went live. I doubt many will come back to read this, but I'll do it anywho.

A few weeks back, Dave Taylor (of Dave Taylor Fameposted on his blog that a friend of his was getting rid of some of his miniatures. 

So I boogied over to Akers' blog and snatched up an old-school Chaos Lord with Power Fist and a Chaos Sorcerer (although seeing as these are still current minis, I'm not sure if is fair to call them old-school).

I am really getting into painting my minis in pieces, as you can see here, I am doing this guy in three parts. I laid down my usual Mechrite Red over a black base coat. I hit everything that is going to be gold/brass with scorched brown and hit the silver areas with Boltgun Metal.

Here you can see that I have applied the Burnished Gold on the main body of the marine.

Just a close-up of the combi-melta. I had never realized it before, but the guy is melted to the dude's hand! I am really looking forward to painting this up!

The only part of this guy that is "done" is the power fist. This got Burnish Gold, then Shining Gold. Then I did edge highlighting with Boltgun Metal before I washed the entire fist with Grophonne Sepia.

One of the best parts about this model is the fact that he is carrying a ruined loyalist space marine helmet. I decided to have a little fun with this and paint up the helmet the same way I paint my Space Wolves, so he is hold the helmet of one of my marines. I added a bit of Chainmail to the edges of the puncture to show off the damage.

One other thing I did on purpose is to leave the eye lenses black. This helmet is obviously non-functional, and in my mind the eye lenses have color only when the suit is powered up.

One last parting shot of the lord (sans left arm).

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