Monday, December 20, 2010

Podcasting: 40k Radio

I have been listening to Warhammer (40k and FB) podcasting for a couple years now. I started out with 40k radio as I was mainly interested in 40k at the time. I went from there to Worlds End Radio because they spent a good it of time talking about the 40k universe, if not 40k itself. As I got more into WHFB, I started listening to Podhammer. So here are some of my thoughts on the Games Workshop centered podcasts.

40k Radio: As I stated before, I started with 40k Radio. I don't remember what episode I started listening to, but it was back when Philip was on the show, and before Scott started. When it was the only 40k podcast out there it was pretty good. It did suffer, when they went to a weekly format. It just didn't seem like they had enough to talk about. I really enjoyed "Hobby U" from back in the old episodes, those bits gave some very good insight into many hobby related topics, and as a new player and hobbyist, I found them very useful. As many people have critically said in the past, it came to a point where it seemed that 40k Radio was a bit burned out and every episode it seemed they spent most of their time reading from the Codices.

I'm not really going to go into the conflict that brought about the death of the first version of 40k, but needless to say I was sad when I heard they were closing their door and happy when I heard they were coming back under new management.

Now 40k Radio is run by Romeo from Batlefoam. In the beginning he said he would not be on the show very often, but it seems like he is the main host now, but that really doesn't seem like that much of an issue. He is the same type A personality that you saw in Spencer, and you see in many of the main hosts of many Podcasts.

The show itself has seemed to settle down into a rhythm. They are doing a very good job of getting interviews and exclusives that others aren't getting. It was interesting to hear the interview with the guys from the Ultramarine movie.

The new 40k is not without its flaws. I am really glad that the sound quality has gone up because it was getting a bit annoying. It seems to me that the guys running the show spend a lot of time working for Battlefoam, and it doesn't seem to give them as much time to play the game as I would like. I quite enjoy the battle reports, and there doesn't seem to be as many as there were in the hey-day of 40k radio. Same thing with tournaments. I think it is going to be hard for any podcast in the southwest, the people are just not as densely packed as they are in the northeast and therefore there just aren't as many events to go to.

The other things that bug me about the show are just personality things. I am so tired of hearing the guys say, "hey-o" when they say something clever. I really don't know why it bugs me but it does when you use it 87 times in a 90-minutes podcast. Now to be fair, this hasn't happened nearly as much lately. Another thing is the phrase, "eating ones a$$." While I am know for some crude turns of phrases, its just the repetition of it over and over again that really bothered me.

Lastly, please of the love of God, let us never speak of ingrown hairs on any ones genitalia every again.

I still download and listen to 40k Radio when it comes out. I don't look forward to it as I did in the old days, but it is still and excellent show to listen to when you are painting or hobbying, and I am always on the lookout for their interviews.

Next time I'll look at Worlds End Radio.

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