Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Painting: On the Road

So my wife is thinking that she wants to buy an RV and drive around during the summer while I'm not teaching.

So this week we have rented a 37-foot RV to take out for a week and see if it is agreeable to us.

One of the things we are both worried about is taking enough things to do to keep me occupied for weeks on end. I figured this would be a good time to get some painting done, so I packed up some stuff and we headed out.

So today was the first full day out and i decided to get to it. Here is my painting station. I have about 20 paints, five or six brushes, clippers, a file, a pin vice and some paperclips for pins, a water pot and the "third hand" my wife bought me for Xmas.

So what I did today was to put continue working on my Wulfen that have been sitting on my desk for at least a month. I had to put should pads on one dude, fine the base of another, and brush-prime some bits and bobs on a couple other guys.

The I put the base coat of blue on the power armor for the eight guys.

After I had finished all that it was dinner time so I called it quits. It was a good first mould painting session (even though we weren't moving at the time). I'll continue tomorrow and hope to have these eight guys and possibly some more done by the time we return on Sunday.

Sorry about the picture quality, the camera on the iPhone truly sucks.

Oh! One last picture. This one of our RV.

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