Tuesday, December 14, 2010

More Updates? Wolf Banners

I guess this outta be more of a mini update. I finished up my Wolf Banners. I stole this idea from the Iron Wolves blog. These banners are removeable. There is a pin in the base of the banner, and a hole in the backpack. Slot it in at the begining of the fight, and pull them out when you pop your Wolf Banner. My only problem has been killing off the dude holding the banner, before I pop the banner, as the banner belongs to the squad and not to one dude. As I tend to play friendly games, it really isn't much of a big deal. Enjoy!


  1. Looking very good there, and I know what you mean about killing the guy off before being able to pop the banner, many times I've had a guy running around with the banner propped against him till I need it.

  2. How well do the banners work out for you? I've been kinda of skeptical of them.

  3. If you can get a full squad in and pop it at the beginning of close combat it is awesome. If, however you suck like me and have you squad shot to bits and have three dudes going, it doesn't seem quite as impressive.