Thursday, May 6, 2010

Not to be a D-Bag...

I know it's been a long time since the Eldar got any love, but I don't think I like the new Fire Prism model coming out in June.
Now I have seen the current Fire Prism with its off-ballance metal turret that causes the model to fall over if you look at it wrong, and I think it could use an update, but for some reason, I don't like the look of the new one.

Maybe its just the lenght of the weapon part. i guess it could look ok If you could end the weapon right after the "big" prism.

And while I'm being a bit of a D-bag, I guess I can point out that I don't like the Night Spinner at all.
To me, the turret looks way to bulky. I think the Falcon/Serpent/Prism body looks so cool and sleek, and then they F it up with these bulky, ungainly turrets on them and just (in my opinion) destroy the speedy look of the model.

It just kinda blows to see what should be a really cool model look bad.


  1. I'm thinking that Eldar are so far advanced in their weapon technology, that they really wouldn't need something so crude as a "crystal extension for added velocity of the crystal energy mojo." I think if they can have a fat-ass crystal on a stubby turret work then sweet Jesus let it be.

    On the other hand it looks far more sinister with the elongated barrel (not that it needs a barrel...we'll call it a crystal matrix focusing and enhancing conduit).

  2. You know, you're right. I was thinking that the crystal sorta went with their "mystical" feel they get with the magic, but it does seem sorta bass-ackwards for people as advanced as he Eldar are.

  3. Actually I kinda dig the fire prism. I think it looks much cooler than the previous chunky metal prism. The Night Spinner, however, I'm not a fan of. The turret is waaaay too big. It looks like someone built a mobile home on top of a falcon.