Friday, May 21, 2010

I am going to BoLScon

So I was thinking I was going to skip BoLScon this year. At first it was because of the seven 2000 point games. I am just too old and too fat and too crappy at 40k to spend so much time over one weekend standing around. Another thing is that with the 40k tourney I didn't get to see anything else going on, there were Space Hulk demonstrations going on last year that I really would have liked to have sat in on. So the tournament was right out for me.

Then they opened up the team tournament on Friday. Tamara and I were going to go and each bring 1000 points and throw down and get our asses beat. But that was gonna be a bit pricey. It would have been $30 each for weekend registration, and then $25 each for the tournament. I was planning on going down on Saturday and Sunday to watch games, find pick-up games and play in any demonstrations, but Tamara probably would not have come down, so we were paying $30 for her to get in for one day.

So the other day BoLS posts that Dave Taylor will be doing classes at BoLScon for green stuff and what not. If you don't know who Dave Taylor is, he used to be a GW employee, but has since moved on. He currently is a bad ass converter. Check out some of his conversions. 

Anywho, I am going to be signing up for this shortly, and I thought it would be cool if some of you guys came along as well. I know that just about everyone has done some conversion work on minis from time to time.


  1. huh. Well shit. Guess I'm going.

    I had thought about entering the Warhammer FB tournament. But as you said, I'm just not down for the stressful schedule. I'd rather just play a game or two for fun. Maybe we can just go play each other. :P

  2. I generally prefer to play with myself....err.... I mean by myself....ummmm...Isn't that the same thing???

    Anyway... I am tempted to go just to look around... the Dave Taylor classes are very tempting....