Monday, July 2, 2012

War Games Con, A Look Back

So another War Games Con has come and gone, and it was a blast! I only live about 30 minutes away so I was able to head down early and get a look at the new venue, and wow it really is a nice place.

One of the main things that was nice about it was the fact that each of a major games (40k, WHFB, Warmahordes, FoW) all had their own separate areas within the main hall. Also in the hall were the vendors (Spikey Bits, Battlefront/Gale Force Nine, Dragon's Lair, BattleFoam and some smaller base/painting companies) as well as a food/drink vendor and even some tables to just sit at.

Now I played the 40k narrative game, and it was a real blast. Everyone had 3000 points and it was really cool to see some of the toys that people normally don't bring to the table. One guy had 3000 points of Orks that comprised about 7 models (almost all of which were Stompas!). On the side of the table I was playing on, I was facing of primarily against Tyranids. In the first game, it was very cool to see Arjac go toe-to-toe with a Hierodule and kill it in one turn of close combat! But the best had to be in the final turn where my Rune Priest, after getting hit for a -3 leadership by Deathleaper managed to get off Jaws of the World Wolf using three dice because of Shadow of the Warp, and dropped to Carnifexes and a Biovore down a hole!

The second game didn't go so well as Arjac and his squad wet toe to toe with the Swarmlord, and got taken apart. Arjac killed the Swarmlord in the end, but he was all by himself. It was a lot of fun. I got to use a lot of models that I don't normally take (too bad the Swift Claws really didn't get much of a chance to shine).

Unfortunately, due to personal issues, I was unable to attend Sunday. Although I was able to stop in briefly and buy some stuff from the vendors.

It looked like most people were having fun, and I was pleasantly surprised by the lake of unpainted models that I saw in the 40k tournaments. The first year I went, I seem to remember that a lot of the armies were not fully painted, so it was good to see that improvement this year!

I don't know the breakdown of armies, but I did see quite a few Grey Knights, and Space Wolves. I saw some excellent conversions, and some good and bad counts as (really, Grey Knights, counts as Night Lords? With a Night Lords Dreadknight?!).

Anywho, I going to Games Day this year, and I am hoping to pick up a Storm Eagle and a Contemptor Dreadnought so I'll have more fun to play with next year at the narrative!

One other thing I have to mention was Privateer Press. They had a number of their staff on hand doing demo games on Saturday and Sunday. The nice thing about that was if you stopped for a demo, they gave you a free $50 starter box of either Warmachine or Hordes! There were also demos of Dust Warfare on some really beautiful tables as well as some board games.

I would love to see WGC grow and have even more in the way of vendors and demos next year. We'll see.

Now I took some pictures, but I have to warn you, my wife was out of town and took our good camera so these were taken on my iPhone. Unfortunately these were the only ones I could salvage as "decent", the others were much worse.

I just just gone back to look, and I have decided that I'll post the pics tomorrow.