Wednesday, June 20, 2012

T-1: Done and Done!

Well, I made it! I spent the morning doing the bits and bobs on my Land Raider (and one other bit) to finish off the whole army. Here are all of my vehicles finished up and ready to go!

One of the extra bits I've added is the tarp to the yellow rhino. I felt that the red one had a tow cable and radar, so the yellow one needed a little something extra. The razorback had that big gun on the back, so I don't think they needed anything!

One of the bits I've added to my Land Raider is the storm shield to that large black area. I think it broke it up a bit because I don't have the skill to free-hand anything in that spot.

Here is a close up from the other side.

I added a wolf skull to the front of the multi-melta.

The back of the multi-melta. I like the little screen I painted up.

Anywho, next stop War Games Con. I hope to see you there!

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