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Battle Report: Space Wolves vs. Orks

So a buddy of mine threw down with a couple of 1500 point lists. He is just getting back into 40k, so we went for "fun" lists. I didn't want to take anything too face smashy. We rolled up the mission and we got a capture and control mission with Dawn of War deployment. The orks won the roll to go first, so he placed his objective left of center (from my point of view) behind some ruins. I placed mine middle left in some cover.
The lists were like this(-ish)

Rune Priest: Murderous Hurricane, Living Lightning, Chooser, Runic Armor, Wolf Tooth Necklace

Rune Priest: Jaws, Living Lightning, Chooser, Runic Armor, Wolf Tooth Necklace

Wolf Guard x 5: Power Fist & Combi Melta x4 and Terminator & Cyclone Missle Launcher

Iron Prist: 4x Fenrisian Wolves, 3x Servitors

Grey Hunter: Melta, Wulfen, Wolf Banner, Rhino

Grey Hunter: Melta, Wulfen, Wolf Banner, Rhino

Long Fangs: 5x Missile

Land Raider


Big Mek, with Junka with Zzap Gun and Deffa Rolla

Deff Dread with 4 CC arms

Def Dread with 2 CC arms and 2 Rokkits

3x Kans: One with Zzap Gun, One with a Grotzooka and One with another gun.

Boyz: With Nob and Rokkit

Boyz: With Nob and Rokkit

Nobz: With Pain Boy

Nobz: Bikerz with Pain Boy

The orks deployed first and put a Junka (from IA:8) with a Big Mek in it and a Deff Dread pretty much smack in the middle of the board (the Dread was a Troop choice because of the Big Mek). He then placed a unit of 24 Boyz with a Nob in the ruins claiming his objective.

Knowing the orks would probably roll his whole army on turn one, I choose to not deploy everything giving the awesome force that is known as Ork shooting, nothing to shoot at.

Turn one, the Big Mek had his Junka and Dread move forward 6 inches. He walked on another unit of Boyz, identical to the first one, along the far left side. Turbo boosted a Nob Biker unit 24 inches along the far left side as well. He had another Deff Dread, and a Nob unit with Pain Boy and Grot orderly come in the middle and a Squadron of Kans come in on my middle right. Pretty much everyone that could run, ran.

My turn one, I walked on my Long Fangs and then ran them a mighty 2 inches on my middle left near the object (even though they can't claim it, they were looking for the high ground to rain missile goodness on the greenskins). I rolled my Land Raider and Razorback just on to the board at the center, and then made a Rhino Wall with my two Rhinos on the far left facing off against the Nob Bikers. In my shooting phase, my Land Raider shot and killed the Junka (thanks to acute senses, damn you 3 on 2d6 for night fight!). The Razorback fired its single lascannon and scored a penetrating hit, but was deflected by the Kustom Force Field of the Big Mek. The two Rune Priests stuck their heads out of the Rhinos. The first one cast Jaws of the World Wolf, drawing a line along the Pain Boy and one of the Nobz. I wanted that Pain boy dead because I knew it would make the rest of the bikerz more manageable. Of course the Pain Boy passes he Init test, but the other doesn't. The next Rune Priest casts Murderous Hurricane on the same biker squad. I got 11 shots on 3d6, and scored one wound, but the Pain Boy took care of it. More importantly, the Bikerz would now treat all terrain as difficult and dangerous. That was it for turn 1.

During the Ork turn two movement phase, the Bikerz were a little worried about not being able to get within charge range, so slid to the left. One dude got hit because of dangerous terrain, but the Pain Boy saved him. The unit of Boyz behind moved, and shot a Rokkit, hitting (WTF?) one of the Rhinos, but did not glance or pen. The Big Mek moved back towards the Boyz in the cover holding the objective, joining them, and the Deff Dread out by itself, moved forward into assault range of my poor Long Fangs. The second Deff Dread and Nobz moved forward in the middle and so did the Kans on the right. The first Dread assaulted my Long Fangs and killed 2 I believe, They of course failed their 9+ leadership, failed to get run down by the Dread, and fled 12 inches off the board. The Dread consolidated so that his back was to the hill the Long Fangs were on.

During my shooting Phase, I blew up the Long Fang Killing Dread with a Multi Melta, then blew off the Grotzooka off of one of the Kans. The Razorback shot at the Kans but did nothing. On the far left, my Rhino wall Moved forward so that they could see the nobs and JotWW and MH them again. Jaws killed 1 boy from the unit behind the Bikerz, but failed to kill a Nob. MH had 11 hits, 1 wound, which the Pain Boy again saved.

The top of three saw the Boyz on the far left move forward and ran, and the Bikerz decided to go over the hill as all terrain was dangerous to them, so the hill wasn't any worse, I believe they moved 2-3 inches and took one wound due to dangerous terrain only, to be saved by the Pain Boy. The Boyz holding their objective fired a Rokkit at the Land Raider and hit (WTF?!) but did not damage it. The Dread and Nobz in the middle moved forward. The Dread shot two Rokkits, but did not damage the Land Raider. The Kans moved forward. The two that were in range fired, but did nothing to the Land Raider. The Land Raider being the only thing in range for the Dread and the Kans. There were no assaults.

During my turn, I disembarked one squad and had them Jaws the Boyz unit in anticipation of charging them, hoping to kill off the Nob with the Klaw. I hit 4-5 including the Nob, but of course he survived and I believe the rest died. I tried to drive the full Rhino up onto the terrain to make a Wall so the Bikerz couldn't counter charge next turn. I, of course immobilized the Rhino. The now empty Rhino then tried to do the same thing and succeed. My other unit now inside the immobilized Rhino, hit the Bikers again with Hurricane, doing one wound which was not saved by the pain boy. That Rhino then went up onto the terrain and blocked off the bikers. My Land Raider moved up a bit to start moving towards the ork objective and the Razorback backed up so that only its turret was sticking out from the top of the hill as the Kans and Dread would be in range next turn. My Land Raider shot at the Kans, one twin linked lascannon missing on two 2's and the other scoring a hit and immobilizing one Kan which died due to squadron rules. The Razorback shot the other and got shaken which was ignored due to squadron rules. In my assault phase, I assaulted the Boyz. Killed a ton of them, took a couple of wounds from the claw, broke them, and then chased them down which is was I did NOT want to happen because now the Bikerz had a very good chance to counter charge next turn if they got a good difficult terrain roll.

The top of four had the orks rolled high enough on their difficult terrain test to get into charging position. They then fired at my Grey Hunters, but I don't think he did anything. On the other side, they fired the rokkit from the Boyz in cover, the two rokkits from the Deff Dread and two shots from the Kanz but did nothing to the Land Raider. The Nobz Bikerz charged, my Grey Hunters counter charged. I was ridiculously lucky I lost one dude I believe (statistically I should have lost at least 3) and Killed one from the Power Fist. It was a push. Jason's Dread had finally moved close enough and assaulted my Land Raider but I think all he got was a shaken, which became a stunned.

On my turn. I disembarked my second Grey Hunter unit in preparation for a charge. My Land Raider moved forward 12 because I was getting short on time and I had to try to take Jason's Objective. I shot at the Dread with the Land Raider using Machine Spirit and the Razorback and I blew it up (it was finally out of the KFF). In the assault phase My Grey Hunters assaulted and I made up for my ridiculous saves last turn by doing nothing this turn. I think I killed one dude with a Power Fist, and Jason killed three of mine. I lost by two, but passed both of my Leadership rolls. My "deathstar" unit that jumped out of the Land raider showed that they were crap. I think I killed 2 and Jason killed 3. My guys stuck around.

At the top of turn 5 it was looking kinda bad for me. I was having a hell of a time wounding the Bikerz, and I was afraid they were going to tar-pit my only scoring units. In the other assault even though I was successful in pulling the last unit of Boyz off of their objective, I knew my "deathstar" unit was about to have a some farm boy from Tatooine attack it. If the orks killed off my guys they'd have a chance to move through cover to get to their objective. If I killed his bikers I'd have a chance.

On turn 5 the orks were not sure where they should move the Nobz. They waned to make sure my "deathstar" died, but also wanted the Nobz to try to contest my Objective. In the end, he moved his Nobz towards the assault. Another round of shooting into the Land Raider did nothing. In the Bikerz/Grey Hunters fun-fest, I believe we each killed one, so he was down to a single Biker. In the other assault, we all realized that his Nobz couldn't get into assault because there was no room between the Big Mek and my Land Raider. In the assault, he killed all but one servitor, but miraculously he held. Needing, I think, a 5.

In my turn, I Tank Shocked the Nobz and moved closer to the ork Objective, but I couldn't make it this turn. In the assault phase, the orks killed off the last servitor, and rolled a 6 for their consolidation so he was within 3 inches of his objective, claiming it. In the other assault, I finally killed off the last Biker, and consolidated 6 to within 3 inches of my objective.

We rolled for another turn, got it and went into turn 6.

In this turn the orks moved the Nobz forward, Waaghed, and assaulted and killed my Razorback. The Kans charged my Land Raider but couldn't kill it even with 8 S10 close combat attacks (thank you, needing 6 to hit because of movement). If I recall correctly, Nobz were within 3 inches of my Objective, contesting it.

During my turn, I moved up the remnants of my one Grey Hunter unit, and had my other jump in the rhino that was close enough to the objective to hold it. I shot some bolt guns, and Meltas and wounded a couple of Nobz. I moved the land Raider to contest the ork objective. If the game would have ended here, it would have been a tie.

We rolled for another turn and got one.

The orks assaulted my reduced unit of Grey Hunters hoping that they'd still be within 3 inches of the objective, but he was not after the assault move. He killed all but three but they held. The Kans assaulted the Land Raider again. This time they finally immobilized it, but did not kill it.

In my turn, I felt I had to assault the Nobz because I was afraid they would break my Grey Hunters and then consolidate onto my objective. I disembarked my guys and move them in just such a way, that when I assaulted I would be within 6 inches (I was afraid of another terrible round of rolling and his Nobz would hold my guys in place away from the objective). As it was, I killed the Nobz and then consolidated onto the objective.

The game ended with each of us holding an objective and me contesting the ork objective with my Land Raider.

If the game had ended on turn 5 it would have been a draw with each of us holding our objectives. If it had ended on Turn 6 it would have been a draw with each of us contesting the others objective, but it went 7 turns.

I'm sure that not exactly how it went, but that is what I remember. It was a very exciting game, that had some luck on both sides and some dumb moves on both sides.

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