Friday, October 22, 2010

Review: The Daemon's Curse

I've been into reading Warhammer Fantasy, even though I've had a hard time getting into the actual game (regardless of the fact that I have a fully painted Dwarf Army).

A buddy of mine let be barrow the first couple of Malus Darkblade Omnibus books, and I finished the first book, The Daemon's Curse, a while back.

I don't usually like the evil-oriented books, I'm pretty sure I'm Lawful-Good at heart. There have been some notable exceptions to this (Storm of Iron), but usually I just can't get behind the evil guys.

Malus Darkblade is different. Unlike Talos in Soul Hunter, Malus is an evil bastard. He has no problem with killing anyone that gets in his way, and if happens to be a member of his family, all the better. Malus is starts out the story in a rather hard spot, all of the slaves he has collected in the last year, have been killed and the backers of his voyage to the old world, will not be pleased. Through some twists and turns, Malus heads out into the chaos wastes in search for, well hes not sure, but he is damn sure that he wants to get it before anyone else does!

This was a very fun story. Although Malus is evil, there is a lot of humor in this book (all of it, oddly enough, dark humor). Through many trials and tribulations, Malus does reach his objective and gets way more than he bargains for! I'm not really go into too much more of the story other than the fact, that my favorite part in the book is when Malus exits the temple with his "treasure" is the best scene in pretty much any WHFB book.

I give this four nauglir's feasting on quickly cooling corpses out of five.

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