Sunday, June 27, 2010

Deathwatch: Who are we?

As a response to John's reply of my post, I got to thinking of which chapter each of us would choose if we were to make character for the Deathwatch RPG. So this is what I came up with. Please consider tongue firmly in cheek.

First, me. Well I'm sure it will come as no surprise to anyone that I would make a Space Wolf. According to the web site.
The Battle-Brothers of the Space Wolves are ferocious and aggressive warriors. Though far from mindless berserkers, they are certainly possessed of a feral exuberance for battle. They have an overriding sense of duty and honour, and are driven ever onwards by a strong desire to right the many wrongs that have befallen the Imperium of Man since the heady days of the Great Crusade. Space Wolves exhibit a fierce sense of loyalty to their comrades in arms and this is on occasion extended to their compatriots in other branches of the Imperium’s military.
This all really appeals to me. Well that and I'm too bloody predictable and generally unoriginal to pick something else.

Next, we'll look at John. For him, its a no-brainer as well. I would guess the Black Templars. The web site has this to say about the Templars in Deathwatch.
When serving alongside the Battle-Brothers of other Space Marine Chapters, many Black Templars prepare themselves through long fasts and week-long vigils in order to tolerate the presence of Space Marine librarians. For those who serve in the Deathwatch, fighting alongside a brother Space Marine who wields psychic power is a particular hardship, a trial they must undergo in order to serve the Emperor more fully and to strike down the hated alien. For this reason, great care is undertaken when selecting a Black Templar for secondment to the Deathwatch, for only a brother able to contain his deep-seated intolerance will be able to fight to his full capacity. Despite this, even these individuals are likely to pass every hour not spent fighting in deep contemplation and prayer, often cloistering themselves away from their fellow Deathwatch Space Marines in a personal shrine to the Emperor, Dorn, and Sigismund.
This should fit in with John and as he will be allowed to, "suffer not the alien to live!"

After John we have another no-brainer, Tom is going to be an Ultramarine. The site has this to say about them.
Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla. In all of their duties, from battle to study, the Ultramarines are thorough, analytical, and attentive to every detail. They are slow to anger and rarely make a rash decision. By constant recourse to the articles of faith enshrined within the Codex Astartes, the Ultramarines are able to face any eventuality with well-practised battle drills and established doctrine. Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla Vanilla.
I personally think THIS is the best fit.

As for Jason, I had to think about this one for a bit. I had to figure out which chapter fit his personality. Then I got it. Dark Angels.
The Chapter has been shaped by its dark past and is secretive and monastic in nature, with much time given over to worship and prayer. There are many different levels within the Chapter which individuals may gradually rise through. On attaining each new level, they are granted a little more knowledge of the truth behind the Dark Angels’ origins, but only the highest-ranking members of the Chapter know the terrible, shameful secret of what occurred ten thousand years ago.
Broody, check. Mistrustful, check. Superiority complex, check check double check!

Now I have to admit I was stuck for Calvin. There are only two chapters left. Blood Angels and the new Storm Wardens. Which one fit Calvin better.
Most Storm Wardens enjoy debate and crafting points to support their arguments, although some outsiders see these tendencies as quarrelsome or insubordinate. However, once a course of action has been agreed upon, a Storm Warden will set aside any dispute and carry it out. Perhaps because of their fondness for debate or their own turbulent history, Storm Wardens have an interest in mysteries and engimas. This curiosity has led more than a few Battle-Brothers to volunteer for the Deathwatch.
Likes to argue? Super check!

Lastly, Stuart. This one came to me at the end. The Blood Angels are perfect for him!
Following the example of their primarch, the Blood Angels espouse a vision of the galaxy in which the enemies of the Emperor can be defeated and mankind can progress to the life he was always fated to live. There is a deeply mystical streak in the Blood Angels’ doctrines, and a strong belief that things can be made better. After all, the Blood Angels are recruited from the scrofulous wastelanders of Baal, and if such can be transformed into a tall, proud, and handsome warrior, then there is hope for mankind yet. This belief can be seen in everything the Blood Angels do. They strive for perfection in all of their endeavours. Their works of art are things of beauty and symmetry. Their martial disciplines are practised unceasingly. Their doctrines are permeated with a sense of mortality and the fallen greatness of Man.
 Why? Well I'm sure that if he ever set foot outside in the day light, his skin would sparkle.

So after this, I'm assuming you'd pick what type of marine you'd be. I'd probably pick an Assault Marine for me. I would guess Devastator for Tom, a Tech Marine for Jason, but I have no clue for John or Calvin. Chaplin and Librarian?


  1. Calvin is all about the magic err Psychic stuff so Librarian is best...If I were an initiate (Templar) then I would not be a librarian since we do not trust any save the Grey Knight psykers...I don't think there is a chaplain, but if there were then I'm all about reciting the litanies of hate in the face of the foul Xenos.

  2. The Ultramarine is a medic? Oh well, it's just a starter adventure...